Our Sunday Worship -                     - weekly bulletin

At MBC worship is something we do purely and entirely for God. "Whoever seeks God as a means toward a desired end will not find God", wrote A.W. Tozer, "God will not be used."

Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary tells us that the word worship means "worthiness, respect, [or] reverence paid to [God]." This can be done through praying, learning, serving, giving, and singing.

The Hebrew King David modeled this very well. As we read the Psalms we see that David's worship was...

  • Celebratory - and loud! (Psalm 68:4; Psalm 150)

  • Fresh and current (David sang new songs! - Psalm 40:3; Psalm 33:3; Psalm 98:1)

  • Diverse - using a variety of instruments including strings, horns, even percussion! (Psalm 150:5)

  • Active - involving actions such as clapping, raised hands, bowing, etc. (Psalm 22:9; Psalm 47:1; Psalm 28:2; Psalm 63:4)

At MBC we gather to worship our Lord and Savior in song, prayer, by testimony, encouragement and love for one another. Children are more than welcome in our worship service, but we also provide Children's Church for children ages Pre-K thru 4th grade as a way to serve parents and assist them in the discipleship of their children.

Join us Sundays at 9:30AM for the Sunday School and 10:40AM for Worship - 6100 Morningside Ave, Sioux City, IA 51104.