Church Planter and Consultant: Papua New Guinea: Aaron and Lori are working among the Patpatar people leading an infant church, discipling believers, creating resources, teaching literacy, translating the Old Testament and evangelizing local tribes.

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The Walters' ministry with The Navigators is twofold: local ministry in Nebraska and micro enterprise in Africa. In Africa, Steve has focused on stimulating micro enterprise (small business start up and development) within the Christian community in Kenya and Uganda to help families provide for their own need as well as provide a platform for ministry to the community.


Vincent and Mary Taniform and children-Nerius, Kendra, Kazia, Kemuel are now living in Bambili, Cameroon. Vincent is a school teacher and Mary is a seam-stress. Their ministry with the Navigators is primarily focused with college aged students and they are leaders of a Campus Ministry.


NTM Aviation Director of Personnel; Administrative Assistant. Dwight provides air travel for missionaries that are in foreign countries spreading the gospel. Currently the Browns are serving in Bolivia.


Peter and Sandy's mission is that of evangelism and discipleship by means of radio, literature publication and church planting. Peter shares the message of Christ through a radio station located on the island of Roatan and broadcasted out as far as the coast of Honduras.