The Elders have determined, after much prayer and searching of the Scriptures, that the following are our “Ministry Values”:

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That Our Community of Believers…
1. Live each day in a way that brings glory to God.
2. Love God wholeheartedly; worshipping him daily in spirit, truth and humility.
3. Love others selflessly; assuming responsibility to deal with personal sin, resolve conflict, and restore wounded relationships.
4. Reads, studies, and memorizes the Word of God regularly.
5. Witness faithfully in word and deed as the Spirit of God leads.
6. Mature as disciples of Christ in personal spiritual development.
7. Pursue fruitfulness in ministry utilizing spiritual gifts, training, oversight & support.
8. Serve widows, orphans and others; meeting their physical and spiritual needs.
9. Spur each other toward spiritual growth including active small group participation & accountability.
10. Equip and support each other in building healthy marriages and training up children of Godly character.
11. Pray without ceasing.
12. Live generous lives as faithful stewards of God's resources.

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