Missionary Spotlight: 

We've received the following request for prayer support, for Peter Taniform, from Brian Hagler! Please read it & PRAY! Thanks!

"Church Family,

The past week we all enjoyed our Brother, Peter, from Cameroon. He left Monday to fly back to his home. Within 24 hours of his return, he is back on a plane today to N'Djamena, Chad. The northern borders of Cameroon are kinda like our tri-state area here. In northern Cameroon, it borders Chad and Nigeria. As part of his position in the World Bank, he frequently oversees road and road safety as a senior travel engineer. So for the next few days he will be traveling through Chad, into Nigeria and then from northern Cameroon 944 kilometers back home. The only problem is that this northern area is controlled by an Islamic Terror Group called Boko Haram. They have killed tens of thousands in Nigeria and thousands in northern Cameroon. Peter will be traveling by armored vehicle, with NATO troops heavily armed. This is very much a dangerous 'mission' as Peter calls all his trips.

Please pray for this brother in Christ,

Brian Hagler"

Missionary Spotlight:
Please pray this week for Vincent and Mary Taniform, serving with the Navigators of Cameroon.Pray especially for their evangelism & discipleship work among “unreached people groups”—that they continue making inroads with the Gospel of Christ!



Church Planter and Consultant: Papua New Guinea: Aaron and Lori are working among the Patpatar people leading an infant church, discipling believers, creating resources, teaching literacy, translating the Old Testament and evangelizing local tribes.






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The Walters' ministry with The Navigators is twofold: local ministry in Nebraska and micro enterprise in Africa. In Africa, Steve has focused on stimulating micro enterprise (small business start up and development) within the Christian community in Kenya and Uganda to help families provide for their own need as well as provide a platform for ministry to the community.


Vincent and Mary Taniform and children-Nerius, Kendra, Kazia, Kemuel are now living in Bambili, Cameroon. Vincent is a school teacher and Mary is a seam-stress. Their ministry with the Navigators is primarily focused with college aged students and they are leaders of a Campus Ministry. 


NTM Aviation Director of Personnel; Administrative Assistant. Dwight provides air travel for missionaries that are in foreign countries spreading the gospel.  Currently the Browns are serving in Bolivia. https://ethnos360.org/dwight-brown


Peter and Sandy's mission is that of evangelism and discipleship by means of radio, literature publication and church planting.  Peter shares the message of Christ through a radio station located on the island of Roatan and broadcasted out as far as the coast of Honduras. theroatanexpress.blogspot.com


Phil and Cindy Ketcham:


Missionaries serving at a school in Brazil for children of missionaries.  Their contribution allows children, whose parents are on the mission field, to recieve a quality education in a safe and stable environment. Ethnos360 Blog: https://ethnos360.org/phil-ketcham


Rob and Cheryl Ketcham: Missionaries serving in the USA play vital roles on the church planting team such as training, accounting for and transferring gifts, recruiting missionaries and informing and involving churches and individuals. Like those who serve overseas, USA missionaries are responsible to raise financial support to pay their salary and ministry expenses, looking to God, trusting only in Him to provide through His people.